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The Dark Knight Review

Posted on : 07-27-2008 | By : Andy | In : movies, pop culture

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The Dark Knight was good. In fact, a lot better than I expected. There’s action, there’s a decent plot, it’s not hokey like previous Batman movies, and it’s not loaded with sexual content. (Now that’s a new one in Hollywood!)

The story is a bit dark, but what do you expect from a movie titled “The Dark Knight”? However, it’s not overly dark. I was hesitant to watch it in the first place because I didn’t want to leave the theater all depressed and all, but while the plot has its dark side, it’s not film noir.

And yes, it’s long, but that’s a good thing. At a few points during the movie I thought to myself: “if this ends now, that’s just lame.” But it kept on going until a satisfying end. Definitely worth seeing.