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Other Opinions on Prince Caspian

Posted on : 05-21-2008 | By : Andy | In : uncategorized

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I just posted a Review of Prince Caspian, but what are other Christians saying? Focus on the Family’s PluggedIn says the following:

Kids typically get hooked on Lewis’ Narnia books between the ages of 8 and 12. Then they graduate to, say, The Lord of the Rings. So it would seem The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian should be targeting tweens and pre-tweens. It’s not. This isn’t a kids’ movie. Or even a “family” movie.

It’s a war movie.

Nevertheless, they still give it a decently positive review. On the other hand, Gospelcom’s Past the Popcorn is much more glowing:

Although Walden Media and Walt Disney Pictures collaborated well enough to bring The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to cinematic life, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian achieves what every good parent wants—a new generation that surpasses the abilities and expectations of the past one.

I’ve been disappointed the PTP’s reviews before, and unfortunately they’ve done it again: while I agree with the fact that there are much worse movies out there, I feel that Prince Caspian sadly sacrifices the stellar moral values that Lewis so clearly portrayed. PTP describes the final kiss as a “chaste kiss”—exemplifying exactly the perspective that allows them to so highly rate this movie. (It’s a pretty long, lip-to-lip kiss, and was so horribly out of place that I was squirming in my seat).

Prince Caspian: Disappointing

Posted on : 05-21-2008 | By : Andy | In : fun, pop culture, religion

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I saw Prince Caspian on Monday, and I sincerely hoped for the best. Really, I did. I was slightly disappointed by The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe for minor deviances from the book, but all in all it was pretty faithful and thus palatable. Not so much with Prince Caspian.

I guess the big problem comes in the fact that I don’t see the Chronicles of Narnia as “nice stories.” They’re powerful depictions of Christian truths, and as such they can’t be directly adapted by Hollywood, who seems to want to have nothing to do with traditional values.

In order to get on with the story more quickly, Prince Caspian makes some early changes to the book, which are certainly understandable and not really objectionable. But quite rapidly the movie degrades: it’s all about the girl power. Susan is transformed from a doubting yet proper girl into a butt-kicking Amazon warrior. Puh-lease! Rather than the “High King Peter” leading, she often overshadows him, and doesn’t hesitate to jump into battle, even though Aslan has discouraged her and Lucy from doing so (“You must use the bow only in great need, for I do not mean you to fight in the battle…battles are ugly when women fight”). To say that gender roles have been modernized in this book would be an understatement.

Speaking of Aslan, he is almost entirely removed from the plot, despite being the central theme around which the book revolves. (But again, it seems as if Hollywood cannot handle having such a strong Christ figure!)

Finally, Susan kisses Caspian at the end of the movie, despite knowing she’ll never see him again. Is this the moral we’re left with? Forget about protecting hearts and guarding purity, if you can grab a quick rise from some one-time-only intimacy, go for it?!?

The Bottom Line: Watching Prince Caspian was like seeing an old friend be horribly mutilated. It just hurt too much to watch the solid morals of the book die to Hollywood values and sensationalism. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys about any movie out there…but I just plain didn’t like Prince Caspian. Lisa and I both agreed: when we have children, they will not be watching this movie, at least not until they’ve read the books (multiple times!) and are old enough to discern the seriously lacking values set forth in this movie.

Mozy now with OS X support!

Posted on : 05-02-2008 | By : Andy | In : tech

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Most people totally ignore backing up their computer, because it’s a pain in the rear. But what if it wasn’t? Mozy is an online backup system that uses some serious encryption to protect your files, and because it’s hosted NOT in your house, if someone steals your computer or your house burns down, your precious files are still safe.

Price? Free for 2GB of storage, which is enough to back up all your “important” documents, excluding media files. If you want to have EVERYTHING backed up, it’s $4.95/month. (Less if you sign for 2 years)

What are you waiting for? Get Mozy Now!

Works on Windows or Mac.