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Two counts of murder?

Posted on : 06-26-2007 | By : Andy | In : news, religion


Welcome to the world of double standards.

Recently in Canton, OH, Bobby Cutts Jr. was arrested for the June 14 murder of his girlfriend. The charges brought against him? Two counts of murder. I agree with the charges–she was 9 months pregnant at the time of the murder, and therefore the crime involved the killing of both Jessie Davis and her unborn child.

The case, however, brings with it a double standard. If a mother decides to abort her “fetus”, it is not murder, and in many cases she can do this with no better reason than person preference, usually up until “viability” (around the 24th week). After that point, abortions become less common, yet are still performed–and not always just to save the life of the mother.

There’s little question about the second murder charge in this case, but what would the outcome have been if the pregnancy was in the second trimester? How about the first? The fact remains that if this woman hadn’t been murdered, she’d be having a baby next week–how far back do we have to go before it stops being a future baby? If we have to arbitrarily draw the line somewhere, does that mean we’re playing God?

Fireworks CS3 Issue Resolved

Posted on : 06-26-2007 | By : Andy | In : tech, work


I found the cause of my Fireworks CS3 Crashing issue–bad date stamps. Somehow, a number of files I had included created date stamps that were invalid. Whereas Fireworks 8 simply ignored the problem, it would cause CS3 to crash. So I simply found a program to update those created and modified timestamps, and viola! No more problems.

Fireworks CS3 Crashes when I open .jpg files

Posted on : 06-01-2007 | By : Andy | In : tech, work


I got a new colleague at work, and we hooked her up with the new version of Fireworks. At first, I was thinking it was unfortunate that I was still on Fireworks 8, but I’m changing my mind.

After install, she couldn’t select Fireworks as the default program for jpegs. We called Adobe, they verified the same problem on their machines, but couldn’t tell me why, or how to fix it. Today I did some searching and found some guy who had the problem and fixed it himself. Thanks, Jason.

But the bigger problem is still at large. Every time we try to use Fireworks CS3 to open certain jpegs, the program crashes. I can’t find anyone with the same problem, and Adobe still hasn’t gotten back to me regarding this issue. This is a legitimate, licensed version of the software. Grrr….

Does anyone out there have the same problem? Did anyone have this problem and fix it?

For now, I’m just glad that I still have Fireworks 8. It at least opens stuff.

Updated: I found the problem