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It’s all Greek to me

Posted on : 04-30-2006 | By : Andy | In : random


Sorry I’ve been gone for so long (over two weeks now!). I’ve been pretty busy at work, and given the nature of my project (ie, a lot of fun), I’ve also been working at home a bit. You can see my Wagon handiwork by clicking the 3d demo button underneath the T3 Traveler on the page.

Anyways, enough of excuses. A few things have been leading me back towards the desire to attend seminary sooner rather than later, so I’ve been doing some digging into what it will take to earn my M.Div (Masters of Divinity) at Trinity. Answer: knowledge of Greek, plus 96 hours of classes and some other stuff (internships and the like). Since Kent State would charge me about $1500 per semester to learn Greek, I’m off to finding a way to teach myself.

A pastor friend of mine suggested that I buy “Mounce’s Greek,” which would teach me pretty much all I need to know, but I love computers and hate spending money. SOOOooo, I dug, and dug, and dug around the internet, and I found an amazing resource by a lady at the University of Houston. Apparently, she has three entire semesters of her Biblical Greek classes posted online, and encourages people like me to work through it and learn for free! Booyeah.

So far I’ve found that there’s a ton of good stuff, from mp3s of pronunciations, to a vary well-organized methodology of learning the language. I’m excited to keep going here, and I highly recommend that anyone who is interested to come learn Greek with me.

Are you feeling Naturally Playful?

Posted on : 04-12-2006 | By : Andy | In : work


At Step2, we’ve got this great line of toys that have realistic wood and stone colors and textures, and they’ve become quite popular. It seems that nobody wants bright yellow and pink in their back yard (or worse, faded yellow and pink). Up until now, though, you had to sort through our entire website to find your options. All that has changed!

Now you can find the whole gamut of Naturally Playful toys at the Step2 Website. I created this overview of the whole toy line for a few reasons–to explore the reaction to a new color scheme, and to ease the shopping process for people who just search for that term on the web.

Check it out–do you prefer the more muted colors, or the old style?

Physical Fitness…a responsibility?

Posted on : 04-01-2006 | By : Andy | In : random, religion


I started swimming 5 times a week in January, and managed to last two months doing it. Then, the pleasures of sleeping in a little bit later pulled me back into a very sedentary lifestyle. I gained 7 pounds in about a month! So today I’m back at the pool, swimming again, and I wonder–is there any spiritual repercussions for exercising, or lack of exercise? I suppose I gotta be careful here, or I’ll end up convicting myself for treating my body poorly…

It’s hard to draw the line anywhere–the Bible tells us that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, and that we should treat them with respect. Paul tells us that physical training is of some value, though spiritual discipline has repercussions for eternity. I had a friend tell me that smoking is sinful, but I don’t think it’s necessarily so–it may be less-than-ideal, but I don’t see any clear prohibition in the Bible, except warnings against succumbing to addiction. What do you think?